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The Purcellville Planning Commission is updating the town’s comprehensive plan to guide development and preservation decisions for the future.  We are committed to an open and public planning process. Over the next year we will be conducting a public engagement process to solicit citizen and stakeholder input to establish guiding principles, identify a vision for our future, and prepare recommendations for action.

We are currently in the fourth phase of this process which includes public workshops on September 24th and 29th.   For this phase, an exercise presents a Vision Statement and six Statements of Intent created by the Planning Commission for your evaluation.  The input opportunities will change with each phase of the project and last for several weeks in each phase.

Evaluating the Vision

Complete the evaluation exercise.


The exercises from previous phases can be viewed below.

Visioning Exercise

Complete the Visioning Exercise.


Research and Analysis Exercise: Use and Scale

Blank Map iframe

Complete the map exercise.  Open through May 1.


Project Initiation Exercises: Challenges and Opportunities

Take the survey.  Open from February 2 – 26 March 4.

Complete the map exercise.  Open from February 2 – 26 March 4.


Page updated: September 27, 2016