Town Council to Hold Public Hearing on Plan Purcellville

The Purcellville Town Council will hold a public hearing in the Town Council Chambers of Town Hall, located at 221 South Nursery Avenue, Purcellville, Virginia on TUESDAY, JUNE 23, 2020 at 7:00 PM for the purpose of receiving comments on, considering, and possibly voting on Version 7.3 of Plan Purcellville, the 2030 Comprehensive Plan.

The Comprehensive Plan is the primary document the Town uses when considering decisions about the Town’s future.  This plan has been crafted based on public input by the Planning Commission and Town Council.  You are invited to review the current draft of the plan at the links below.  You are encouraged to join Council on June 23 to share you comments, questions, or support for this draft of the plan.

Interactive Digital Plan (for large screen)

This file is designed to be viewed on a computer screen or larger tablet.  It has interactive links to the different sections and the table of contents is hyperlinked on all pages for easy navigation.  The maps and graphics are a resolution suitable for viewing on screen and some zoom in is possible on the map pages.

High-Resolution Plan (for print or viewing on phones or tablets)

This file is designed to be double side printed (reason for the few pages noted as “Page Intentionally Left Blank”) in color on high quality paper.  Color copies of the file are not recommended due to loss of fidelity and color changes. The file should be printed to fit 8.5 x 11 stock except the large foldout maps which are 11×17.  The section tabs are full bleed and the document would have to be printed oversized and trimmed otherwise.  The document should be bound on the left margin with a spiral coil or tape binding.

Future Land Use Maps

Supporting Documents

Supporting Documents_wTOC_reduced_2018-06-11 (Version 4.1)

Planning Commission Public Hearing November 21, 2019

The attached Version 6.0 for Public Hearing is dated 11.21.19.  This document incorporates the verbatim changes in the “2019 Working Papers-Plan Purcellville 2018, Version 5.0” prepared by the Town Planning Commission and certified by the Clerk of Planning Commission. Version 6.0 For Public Hearing November 21, 2019

Ad – Comprehensive Plan Public Hearing

 Plan Purcellville Version 6.0- Posted November 8, 2019  (Same version as the “2019 Working Paper” except with minor editorial changes by planning consultant.)

2019 Working Paper – The 2019 Working Paper consists of Plan Purcellville 2018 Comprehensive Plan, Version 5.0, Redlined to incorporate the 2019 matrix and 2019 errata sheet. This 2019 Working Paper was  recommended by the Planning Commission for approval on September 5, 2019.



Comprehensive Plan Artifacts From Planning Commission To Town Council

2019 Change Matrix – Plan Purcellville 2018 Comprehensive Plan, Version 5.0

2019 Errata – Plan Purcellville 2018 Comprehensive Plan, Version 5.0

2019 Annotated Proposed Land Use Map – Plan Purcellville 2018 Comprehensive Plan, Version 5.0

2019 Working Papers – Plan Purcellville 2018 Comprehensive Plan, Version


2018 Errata – Plan Purcellville 2018 Comprehensive Plan, Version 5.0

2018 Future Land Use Map – Plan Purcellville 2018 Comprehensive Plan, Version 5.0

Plan Purcellville 10.11.18 Version 5.0



Final product, Version 5, of the Comprehensive Plan nearing completion.

Following the Public Hearing in July, the Planning Commission has been working diligently to review and act on the comments that were received during and after the Public Hearing.  Over the past month the Commission has put the final touches on the Plan so that the consultant can put all the pieces together and provide the Commission with a version that will be ready to vote on and ultimately be presented to the Town Council for approval.

The Commission expects to have a Version 5 to review and send to Council in October.