Use and Scale Map Results

The map below contains all 893 dots that were submitted by those that took part in the second round of public engagement for the comprehensive plan update.  332 dots were originally submitted to the online map between April 18-May 1, and staff has since digitized the 561 dots that were placed on the physical maps posted at the March 19th and April 7th public workshops.  You can click on each dot to view its details, and the dropdown menu below the map can be used to display only the dots in a specific land use category.

A few notes on the content of the map:

  • All of the workshop dots digitized by staff are clearly marked with a comment including the text “DOT ADDED TO ONLINE MAP BY STAFF” and noting the date of the workshop at which the dot was placed. Additionally, any statement written on a workshop dot was included in the comment as a quote.
  • Staff had no way of knowing whether a workshop dot was placed by someone living inside or outside of town, so each digitized dot states “I live…in unknown.” (Approximately 80% of the March 19th workshop attendees and 76% of the April 7th workshop attendees were residents of Purcellville.)
  • The digitized dots for the March 19th workshop have all been coded with a subcategory of “None of the Above” because the scale of the land use was not labeled on the dot during these initial workshops. (Attendees were originally asked to mark representative photos of the scale of land use that they thought was appropriate for each area of town, but this was changed for the April 7th workshop and online map in response to feedback received on March 19th.)
  • Since red dots were used for both Commercial and Mixed-Use at the workshops, it is impossible to know which land use category was intended for workshop dots that did not include a written code (such as those placed at the March 19th workshops as noted above). Instead of arbitrarily attempting to infer which land use category was intended, staff coded all 94 blank red workshop dots as “Mixed-Use” because this category encompasses Commercial (but Commercial does not fully encompass Mixed-Use).  While this decision likely resulted in some dots being coded inaccurately, it is worth noting that when the land use category was clearly indicated, the public desired Mixed-Use nearly three times as much as Commercial alone (141 Mixed-Use dots vs. 53 Commercial dots).