Planning Commission Public Hearing November 21, 2019

The attached Version 6.0 for Public Hearing is dated 11.21.19.  This document incorporates the verbatim changes in the “2019 Working Papers-Plan Purcellville 2018, Version 5.0” prepared by the Town Planning Commission and certified by the Clerk of Planning Commission. Version 6.0 For Public Hearing November 21, 2019

Ad – Comprehensive Plan Public Hearing

 Plan Purcellville Version 6.0- Posted November 8, 2019  (Same version as the “2019 Working Paper” except with minor editorial changes by planning consultant.)

2019 Working Paper – The 2019 Working Paper consists of Plan Purcellville 2018 Comprehensive Plan, Version 5.0, Redlined to incorporate the 2019 matrix and 2019 errata sheet. This 2019 Working Paper was  recommended by the Planning Commission for approval on September 5, 2019.