Plan Work Effort Update

A lot has been going on behind the scenes now that the public input sessions have been completed.  Town staff along with the consulting team has been gathering, sorting and writing over the past several months.  The Planning Commission is presently working on the first draft of the Plan preparing it for distribution to the community, agencies, staff, and other reviewers so that the PC may get feedback based on the draft Plan they are reviewing.

The review period will span 60 to 90 days.  During that period of time the PC will hold a public workshop to solicit input from the general public.  Dates and time will follow.

The Planning Commission is presently meeting every Thursday evening in the Town Hall Heritage Conference room on the second floor of Town Hall.  The PC is currently reviewing the draft Plan page by page.  These are open meetings and the public is invited to attend. You can find the agendas, listen to audio, and review the minutes from these Work Sessions here.

If you have questions please contact Community Development at 540-338-2304.