Use and Scale: A Mapping Exercise

**The response period for this exercise is now closed, and the results can be viewed below.  Thank you for participating in Plan Purcellville.**

The interactive map at the bottom of the page has been created to allow the Purcellville community to provide input on what the region could look like in the future. Each dot represents one person’s thoughts about the type and scale of land uses that are appropriate for areas in and around the town. The color of a dot corresponds to the type of use: yellow for residential, red for commercial or mixed-use, blue for industrial, and green for parks and open space. In addition, clicking on a dot allows you to see the scale that the individual thought was appropriate for that location as well as any additional comment provided.

You are welcome to add dots of your own whether you agree or disagree with any dots that have already been placed. For example, if someone has already placed a green dot representing open space consisting of trails and greenways in a location that you feel is appropriate for the same use, you should still submit your own dot. Similarly, if you believe that a location is appropriate for a multi-story office building, you should submit a dot representing that even if a yellow dot representing townhomes has already been placed there by someone else. Each dot will be analyzed individually, and it is important to see where there is agreement or disagreement within the community about the types and scales of uses desired for a specific location.


  1. Start by reviewing the image below which provides examples of different scales for five essential land uses currently found in Purcellville. Each photo represents a land use subcategory you may select on the interactive map. You may want to print a copy of this image for reference as you work on the map.
    Use and Scale Options for Web
  2. Submit your input on the map below by following the directions in the gold column on its right.
    Note that the map allows you to zoom in and out, turn on satellite imagery, and scroll throughout the region.
    Be sure to zoom in if you want to improve the accuracy of your dot placement. We would also like to know your thoughts about the areas adjacent to town, not just the areas currently in the Purcellville town limits.
  3. Once you have submitted a dot, a confirmation message will appear, and you are welcome to place additional dots in other areas.
    Note that it may take up to 1 minute for your submission to appear accurately on the map; there is no need to submit a dot twice.

UPDATE: 4.27.2016.  4:52 P.M.
We were experiencing technical difficulties with the map. Points added between  4.26 and 4.27 at 4:30 P.M. were not showing up on the map; however, your input was still collected in the database.   The map is currently updating properly and all previously added points should now be shown.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  

**The response period for this exercise is now closed.  Thank you for participating in Plan Purcellville.**

Page updated: May 13, 2016